Interview Series: Sheree Beaumont

This article is part of a series to give you an inside look at PUML. We are interviewing team members to learn about their journey in the fitness world and their take on what PUML is doing for the wellness community.

Why were you interested in joining PUML?

I enjoyed the community and the focus of the company which combined fitness, wellness and all things health. PUML works to find ways to keep the motivation and drive alive, which is something I strive for personally, too.

What got you into the health and wellness sphere?

My own personal wellness journey – from having chronic gut, hormone and fatigue issues, as well as a passion for helping and training people. It seemed like a no-brainer to become a coach 🙂

Why do you think corporate wellness is important?

Sitting is the new smoking, so the hours we spend behind our desk are so damaging to our health. If we can make wellness a priority in the workspace, then it becomes a part of the culture and keeps everyone healthy. It enables people to have a safe space to look after their health without judgment. If your workspace is focusing on wellness, it makes it easier to stay motivated as we work better in communities. The healthier you are, the more productive and focused you are, and the company performs better as a whole. There are fewer sick days in general and people are happier. It’s a beautiful effect.

How do you think the fitness industry could improve?

The fitness industry could improve by stopping the promotion of all the fad diets, ‘shreds’ and get-fit-quick schemes. Wellness is a lifestyle change, and doesn’t require constant restriction and certainly shouldn’t come from having fear as a motivator. When we focus on healing the body and the mind, moving regularly and fueling ourselves in a balanced way, fitness and wellness become not only enjoyable, but also easy!

How is PUML helping improve the fitness world in your opinion?

PUML helps combine the motivation and accountability with their use of challenges, alongside wellness and education so that there is not just the WHAT, but the WHY behind it. Understanding the WHY enables people to make long-term changes when it comes to wellness, not just ‘quick-fixes’. 

Thanks for reading and check back in a few weeks for an interview with another member of the PUML team!