Interview Series: Jacqueline Tan

This article is part of a series to give you an inside look at PUML. We are interviewing team members to learn about their journey in the fitness world and their take on what PUML is doing for the wellness community.

Why were you interested in joining PUML?

I have enjoyed being active and being outdoors since I was a child and I continue to make the time and effort to work out and stay healthy.  Most recently, in the last 5 years, I have been going to the yoga studio 5-6 times a week and paying for memberships. I thought to myself: I am really blessed to be able to do this (financially) but how nice would it be if everyone got to experience this as well. How nice would it be to keep up this routine financially by collecting points each time I engaged in a wellness activity and in turn, be rewarded with a way to redeem my next membership? So I was really excited when I heard that PUML was an app with a similar concept.

What got you into the health and wellness sphere?

4 years ago I found yoga during a time when I needed it most. I began dedicating myself to my yoga practice and then realised it had been creating a real transformation within me. It is this practice of yoga that led me to discover my own inner strength, a quiet voice that has always been there despite not knowing how to awaken it. 

All of a sudden, in the middle of my practice, something completely clicked. Like not just clicked on an intellectual level, but something clicked viscerally for me. I realised the only way for me to grow and become the empowered woman that I envision myself to be, was to completely change my relationship with myself. It was then I realised how powerful it was to build a connection with my own mind, body and soul. And boy, yoga has allowed me to know how incredibly good our bodies are designed to feel. Every practice leaves me feeling so intriguingly renewed.

Yoga became part of my lifestyle. I practice religiously on average 5-6 times a week. I started noticing how my body manifests the poses that I once thought were inhumane to do. My teacher often says, “work the actions, and the pose will manifest”. It is amazing how our human body can make so many shapes and expressions with the most subtle shifts. I am in love with movement and the connection of body and mind.

My goal is to create a more conscious & sustainable wellness industry. As a Yoga and Pilates teacher now, I want to make a lifestyle change that is permanent and sustainable.

Why do you think corporate wellness is important?

It is so important because the best investment is investing in our own well-being. 

“There is no cure and no improving of the world that does not begin with the individual himself.” – C.G. Jung

Corporates need to understand that investing in employees’ health and well-being delivers not only happier employees but also better financial results. Personal development will enable business breakthroughs in organizational growth.

It is SO important for employees to stay active and healthy especially when life and work become overwhelming. 

How do you think the fitness world could improve?

Everyone should have access to keeping themselves active and healthy. With the increasing variety of wellness platforms and exercise options available today, we should make an effort to try and find something that we truly enjoy doing. I strongly believe that in order to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, we need to enjoy what we do. Do something that YOU love, and not what everyone else is doing! Take care of your body. It’s your home. 

How do you think PUML is helping to improve the fitness world?

PUML is like a dream come true for me. It is so inclusive – regardless of the fitness/wellness activities you love doing, you can be part of PUML and be rewarded for improving your own well-being.

Thanks for reading and check back in a few weeks for an interview with another member of the PUML team!